Dear Rebecca

I recently read your book “Rise sister rise” and have been following you since. I had an immediate affinity with your message, it is as though you are speaking to my soul and I knew immediately that I wanted to invite you to be a speaker on my upcoming summit.

Like you I believe we have come here with a mission, something we planned prior to our incarnation and sometimes we need to step into the darkness to find our own light, only then will the path reveal itself. I find myself at a threshold, ready to take massive action.

Your story has been so inspiring to me, giving me the courage to claim my destiny and I would like to share that with the women in my community.

I got some instant guidance on your website :.

“There’s a part of you that knows the answer to everything you seek. Your path and your purpose, which direction to move and exactly when to leap. Before you incarnated, it received a mandate from spirit, upon hearing this request this part of you jumped right on in and couldn’t wait to begin.

Willing to be ignored time and time again, the part of you that knows vowed to never give up, no matter how long it takes. The part of you knows that you are in exactly in the right place to do everything that you set out to. For, the part of you who knows, also knows that deep down you know too. You’re ready. You know the next step. The part of you who knows is calling you right now and wanting you to get ready to leap.”

It couldn’t have been more appropriate.

Let me tell you a little bit about what I am focused on creating and what the summit is about.

Change has always been a constant, but the world is currently changing even more rapidly than ever before. Due to technological advances nearly half of all jobs in the UK (larger numbers have been estimated in the US) will be replaced by technology.

The world will look very different very soon and I believe this is a huge opportunity for humanity.

As I see it, the challenges we are facing today were caused by people disconnecting from the ‘softer’ qualities of the heart.  Or as some may describe them, the more ‘feminine’ qualities.

Intuition, creativity, compassion, inclusion, community and sharing are the very things that will save our world. We need the sacred feminine, we need powerful women to embrace their own true natures, the very thing many of us have lost in the corporate world.

Today there are many women in positions of power however they do not yet feel able to fully express these qualities and lead from the heart and I believe that the very skills we have suppressed, and women were once burnt for at the stake for are what is needed to turn the world around.

Having worked as a medical doctor for many years, I suppressed these soft skills for a long time because I saw them as a weakness.

I cannot count the number of times I sat at my desk, my head in my hands, overwhelmed, burnt out, not knowing how to move forward. I tried to control my emotions and dismissed my innate feminine attributes.  

But there is an incredible, indescribable power in the feminine.  The power of creation itself.

Since those days I have learnt and grown a lot, I trained as a Rapid Transformation Therapist, became a shamanic practitioner and learnt a lot about energy healing.

I realise though that it can be difficult for women to do choose their own path on their own.

Sometimes we need a community to hold us, to allow us the space for these conversations, and difficult explorations, where we can be vulnerable but trust we will be held, trust we will be seen, where we can explore who we truly are.

I am creating such a community, to invite powerful women who might have lost touch with themselves to begin this conversation and I am planning a summit to launch it.

I already have the wonderful Marisa Peer (top Therapist in the UK and one of Mindvalleys most successful partners) on board and I would like to invite you to be a speaker.

I would be incredibly honoured, and it would be a dream come true if you accepted. I know your message is invaluable and would be perfect for the powerful women I am inviting to the summit.

There would not be a huge time commitment on your part, perhaps an hour or so. I would love to have a conversation with you, which I would record and offer to the community as part of the summit.

Rebecca, will you join me as a guest for this online gathering of heart centred, female leaders to discuss how we navigate the changes that are already here and the ones that lay ahead of us?


I realise that you might want to know a little more about me before making your decision about your involvement in my project.

It’s fascinating to me to see how people got to where they are, to see the steps they took, the development they went through. The most interesting biographies are the ones that are honest and authentic, which speak of struggle and failures as well as success and accomplishments, allowing us to see the person behind the persona.

So here is mine.  My own life has of course had its ups and downs.

Born in Germany I grew up in a little village, before moving to a larger town following the divorce of my parents. I have always been interested in people and what drives us to do what we d

At the time I thought the best way to learn more about people was to become a doctor. I went to medical school and after graduating as a doctor moved to England to begin my training to become a GP. I also took some time out to study psychology and philosophy at the University of Canterbury.

Having moved to Scotland I worked for many years as a GP partner, at the same time training to become a hypno-psychotherapist, seeing clients privately.

This culminated in training with Marisa Peer as a Rapid Transformational Therapist, an approach bringing about rapid personal transformation in only one or two deep dive sessions.

In addition to this I trained as a shamanic practitioner in my ongoing quest for healing and wholeness. I have struggled for a long time with these contradicting approaches. Medicine, hypnosis, psychotherapy, shamanic practice, and energy work didn’t seem to go together. In truth they are all simply aspects of life, looked at through different lenses, different beliefs, different paradigms.

The call to grow, become authentic and step fully into my own power as a woman has grown louder as the years have gone by. Working for many years in a male dominated culture came with a cost. It came with a fear to speak my truth, to keep quiet when I should have spoken out, to adapt to what I thought was needed to be successful.

My first attempt to break free was to leave my partnership and write a book, called “Doctor’s Choice” which became an international bestseller. Though the book was very successful, it did not bring into my life what I was looking for.

I now realise the only way forward is to be authentic.

I am not perfect, but in a process of perfecting. I don’t know everything, but know the answers are deep within me and you.

I passionately believe that we as powerful women have a pivotal role to play at this crucial juncture humanity finds itself.

I am excited to bring your wisdom to women in positions of power to encourage them to trust in their innately feminine qualities and lead from the heart.